Moraiolo, Leccino, Pendolino

Manually harvested with daily grinding, cold extraction (22°/25°) in the absence of oxygen, decanted and filtered. 

This classical Tuscan olive oil blend shows the best that the region can give, with a well-balanced aroma and taste profile, that is led by the juicy spiciness of the fruit, underlined by toasted hazelnut taste and followed by fruity notes of tangerine and citrus fruit pulp. The overall complexity is shown on the final notes of smoky spices that makes the taste of it unforgettable.

Named by Oliviero’s late father Fedele - "the Faithful” translated from Italian - this oil is made with an aim to celebrate the uniqueness of the Tuscan land and the treasures that it gives while maintaining the best traditions in making it.

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Manually harvested with daily grinding, cold extraction (22°/25°) in absence of oxygen, decanted and carefully filtered. 

The first mono cultivar olive oil of the estate, made of 100% Moraiolo olives, that are known to have a high content of polyphenols and a high percentage of oleic acid - essential a hydrocarbon for the generation of the other functional molecules. 

The Immortale olive oil shows great aroma intensity, accompanied by secondary notes of artichoke followed by various fruity and herbal nuances, with clementine, lemon zest, oolong tea and fresh pine nuts on the front line. The complex aroma profile is followed by a well-balanced and distinctively spicy mouthfeel, one of its most pleasant and unmistakable signatures.  

Bottles produced

Bottle size
0.50 lt